Targeted Disinformation

Who gets targeted for disinformation, harassment, scams, or doxxing? What societal effects can we observe when that targeting is based on individual and group identity? Contemporary online harassment and other techniques of subjugation fit into historical patterns of oppression. This collection encompasses identity-based targeting, networked harassment, and other forms of online abuse. 

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Hate speech online is particularly disturbing for its commonness. This kind of speech is appropriated and shared by ordinary citizens, is used to support open confrontations between nations, and can be approved or encouraged by state governments. But what are the linkages between hate speech and disinformation?

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The new apps and sites present a new information landscape for voters as November’s midterm elections approach and Democrats seek to defend their slim majorities in Congress. After being routinely bombarded with discredited claims about fraudulent and destroyed ballots, voting machine malfunctions and other unproven conspiracy theories, nearly 80 percent of Republicans continue to believe […]

WASHINGTON, Jan 19 (Reuters) – More than 450 scientists on Wednesday called on the executives of major advertising and public relations firms to drop their fossil fuel clients and stop what the scientists said was their spread of disinformation around climate change. They sent a letter to the executives of major global public relations and […]

Ask any journalist today — especially a woman, person of color, and anyone else from a marginalized community — about how it feels to be a journalist on the internet and the answer will probably be along the lines of exhausting, unpleasant, and scary. For most, if not all, journalists, having a public profile online […]

On Sept. 28, 2006, a young chiropractor, then about 30 years old, signed up for Facebook, where he posted about holidays and sports while promoting his private clinic. Fourteen years later, on Nov. 19, 2020, he was kicked off the platform after livestreaming U.S. election and QAnon conspiracies to his nearly 40,000 followers. Facebook employees […]

Class assignmen end .article-body__top-notesFacebook groups swelled with at least 650,000 posts attacking the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory between Election Day and the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol, with many calling for executions or other political violence, an investigation by ProPublica and The Washington Post has found. The barrage — averaging at least […]

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