Regulation, Policy, & Platform Governance

This collection takes a two-pronged approach to regulation, including the tech platforms’ own policies and practices. First, it discusses the business practices and regulatory environments that contributed to the current online misinformation environment. It then turns to assessments of recent policy changes at the social media platforms, the role(s) of traditional media, and governmental responses. 

Live Research Reviews

The social problems that have spread over the leading internet platforms are driven by more than just ineffective policies. A large body of research indicates that these ills are products of the economic structures that define the consumer internet industry, stemming from its uninhibited collection of data and the way it uses algorithms to manipulate users’ media experiences. This research review outlines the nature of the regulatory environment that gave rise to the business model that is commonly in place in the social media sector.

The pandemic moment has unleashed contagions of stigmatization and health misinformation, compounding the adverse health and socioeconomic effects of Covid-19 on marginalized communities. In this Live Research Review, Jonathan Corpus Ong discusses emerging findings on racially targeted disinformation and opportunistic legislation.

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Executives from four of the biggest social media companies testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee Wednesday, defending their platforms and their respective safety, privacy and moderation failures in recent years. Congress managed to drag in a relatively fresh set of product-focused executives this time around, including TikTok COO Vanessa Pappas, who testified for the […]

One Friday in March, not long after Russia invaded Ukraine, Mikhail, a Russia-based Wikipedia editor, opened the Telegram app to discover that he had been doxxed. His personal information, including his name and social media accounts, had been posted in a channel run by a group of Russian online vigilantes targeting Wikipedians writing about the […]

On August 29, the Federal Trade Commission announced it had filed a landmark lawsuit against data broker Kochava for “selling geolocation data from hundreds of millions of mobile devices” that can be used to trace individuals’ time-stamped movements to sensitive locations. These include reproductive health clinics, places of worship, addiction recovery centers, and shelters for […]

To his more than 150,000 followers on Instagram, Dr. Martin Jugenburg is Real Dr. 6ix, a well-coiffed Toronto plastic surgeon posting images and video of his work sculpting the decolletage, tucking the tummies and lifting the faces of his primarily female clientele. Jugenburg’s physician-influencer tendencies led to a six-month suspension of his Ontario medical license […]

“We got Yahoo to kill their Glenn Beck ads,” Nandini Jammi announced during a private video call in February with two colleagues from the group Check My Ads and 20-odd supporters. “I’m sorry — I’m using very violent language — to block Glenn Beck from their inventory.” On the screen, a row of faces nodded. […]

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