Credibility and Trust

Policymakers, scientists, and journalists have worried for years about declining public trust in their institutions. Are new technologies like social media contributing to this decline, or are they convenient scapegoats for broader forces in society? We discuss research on how  populist politics and other anti-elite, anti-institutional movements are intersecting with declining public trust and the rise of alternative epistemologies. 

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Digital platforms like Twitter and Amazon Prime Video that have faced the wrath of the Indian establishment in recent months will now know exactly what they can and cannot do. The Indian government’s Information Technology published its “Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code Rules 2021” on Thursday. It details the new rules that will govern the social media and […]

NEW DELHI (AP) — India on Thursday rolled out new regulations for social media companies and digital streaming websites to make them more accountable for the online content shared on their platforms, giving the government more power to police it. The Information Technology Ministry said the new regulations would require social media platforms like Facebook […]

Online harassment is often subjective when it comes to how people perceive the unpleasant or offensive behaviors that they encounter. Indeed, a notable share of Americans who have personally been targets of troubling online behaviors would not label their experience as “online harassment,” according to a new Pew Research Center report. The Center’s survey conducted […]

The 2020 election produced two distinct perceived realities for the United States public. The first perceived reality holds that the election was conducted fairly, and that Joe Biden won. Individuals who hold this vision of reality feel their votes were counted accurately, and that the events of January 6th were repugnant. This is also the […]

Facebook wants to be everyone’s daily newspaper. That’s worked well for Facebook but not the rest of us. Mark Zuckerberg made this ambition clear in 2013, a year after Facebook went public, when he announced a redesign of its centerpiece News Feed. “What we’re trying to do is give everyone in the world the best […]

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