In late March, Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party and the country’s deputy prime minister, spoke at a virtual meeting organized by a right-wing media organization. Railing against so-called “LGBT ideology” as an imported Western idea out of sync with the views of most Poles, the right-wing leader stressed the importance of pushing back against the European Union to defend traditional values.

“As long as we rule, nobody will impose anything on us,” Kaczyński said of his party. “All those who want to live in a normal world, in a world where a woman is a woman, a man is a man, and no one talks about a woman as a ‘person with a uterus’ — they should support our political coalition.”

But rather than appearing on state television or a government-run website, the meeting was broadcast via a new social media platform called Albicla. The site looks and functions just like Facebook, and at the top of the video stream was the platform’s logo, a pink and green “A” with a white feather across it, along with the tagline “Let All Be Clear.”