Christopher Wlezien

Hogg Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin

Christopher Wlezien is Hogg Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin. He holds or has held positions – both permanent and visiting – at various universities in the United States and other countries. His primary, ongoing research develops and tests a “thermostatic” model of public opinion and policy, current research on which considers news coverage and how it mediates public responsiveness to policy, and there is related work comparing dictionary and supervised learning approaches to automated content analysis. His other major project assesses the evolution of voter preferences over the course of the election “timeline,” recent research in which considers variation in pre-election poll errors in more than 300 elections in over 40 countries since polling began 80 years ago. Wlezien has published numerous articles and chapters as well as a number of books, including Degrees of Democracy, The Timeline of Elections, Who Gets Represented? and, most recently, Information and Democracy: Public Policy in the News. More information about Wlezien’s teaching, research, and activities is available on his website.

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