Reports on January actions: Fighting COVID-19 Disinformation Monitoring Programme | European Commission

The reports provide updates on the measures taken by the platforms in January 2021 to fight disinformation on COVID-19 vaccines, which is key to ensuring that the vaccination campaigns of the Member States are not undermined by false or misleading information. Platforms report on their updated policies, which include labelling or removal of false claims and unsubstantiated rumours about COVID-19 vaccines. Also, they have put in place new tools to elevate authoritative information on vaccines, for example updated information panels that allow EU citizens to have timely and precise information about vaccines deployment and availability. Upon the request of the Commission, some signatories have started to provide more precise data about the impact of their policies, e.g. by providing data on user interaction with their COVID-19 information panels, and on additional measures taken to enhance collaboration with researchers. We very much welcome these developments, as such data is crucial to gain more insight about the effectiveness of the actions taken.


Source: Reports on January actions – Fighting COVID-19 Disinformation Monitoring Programme | European Commission

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