TikTok curbed reach for people with disabilities | Netzpolitik

By Chris Köver and Markus Reuter
December 2, 2019

TikTok, the fast-growing social network from China, has used unusual measures to protect supposedly vulnerable users. The platform instructed its moderators to mark videos of people with disabilities and limit their reach. Queer and fat people also ended up on a list of „special users“ whose videos were regarded as a bullying risk by default and capped in their reach – regardless of the content.

Documents obtained by detail TikTok’s moderation guidelines. In addition we spoke with a source at TikTok who has knowledge of content moderation policies at the video-sharing platform.

The new revelations show how ByteDance, the Beijing-based Chinese technology company behind TikTok, deals with bullying on its platform – and the controversial measures it took against it.


Source: TikTok curbed reach for people with disabilities | Netzpolitik

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