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Jon Stewart defends Joe Rogan over COVID ‘misinformation’ | The New York Post

Jon Stewart is coming to the defense of fellow podcaster Joe Rogan over the uproar surrounding “misinformation” about vaccines that has prompted calls for Spotify to sever ties with its $100 million star.

Stewart, the former star of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” who is now hosting his own gabfest on Apple’s streaming service, said Thursday that “canceling” Rogan would be akin to banning Stewart from television for his opposition to the Iraq war in 2003.

“The New York Times, right, was a giant purveyor of misinformation, and disinformation,” Stewart said of the newspaper’s editorial support for the Iraq war.

“And that’s as vaunted a media organization as you can find, but there was no accountability for them.”

The Times and other mainstream news organizations were criticized for unquestioningly reporting the Bush administration’s claims that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction and that those efforts justified the US invasion.

No such weapons were ever found in Iraq after American troops removed Saddam from power and installed a friendly government in Baghdad.


Source: Jon Stewart defends Joe Rogan over COVID ‘misinformation’ | The New York Post