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EU struggles to fight disinformation within | EUobserver

The EU is likely to remain toothless against politicians, governments or public institutions in member states that spread disinformation.


“The problem is, what if the government is entirely or partly distributing fake news,” Latvian MEP Sandra Kalniete, a key lawmaker in the European Parliament’s fight against disinformation, told a group of journalists.

The MEP said the key thing the EU can do “is to indicate that this is a fake news, or this oversteps the objective reality and facts”.

“But what else, I would hesitate to propose, because it is quite a new situation,” she said, adding that it relates to national competencies – so the EU has little room for manoeuvre.

“In a way, it is very much linked to the hot topic, which is on the agenda, about rule of law,” Kalniete said, adding that “the majority of those involved in that sort of disinformation, coming from third countries, and some of them are hostile countries to the EU, they also are tempted to overstep the rule of law.”


Source: EU struggles to fight disinformation within | EUobserver