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Call for Participants: True Costs of Misinformation Workshop | Shorenstein Center

What are the financial, social, and human costs of misinformation? What is the price that businesses, hospitals, civil society groups, and schools pay for false or misleading information online? How can researchers support public officials and especially the communities targeted by disinformation campaigns when costing out “fake news funds” and building capacity for digital resilience? Can we put a price tag on misinformation, and if so, how, and who is responsible for paying it?

This workshop invites academics, journalists, civil society actors, and private industry leaders to engage with these questions in order to understand the true costs of misinformation, and in doing so, better inform policies on internet governance, private sector regulation, and technological innovation. We aim to expand the terms of debate in disinformation studies and bring communication and digital politics scholars in conversation with economists, climate change modeling experts, humanitarian and human rights workers, and public health scholars. By bringing together experts in adjacent fields developing impact assessment models, crisis response frameworks, auditing tools, and accountability guidelines and mechanisms, this event explores novel and creative explanatory models to study the impacts of misinformation and advances a “whole-of-society approach” (Donovan et al 2021).


Source: True Costs of Misinformation Workshop: Call for Participants | Shorenstein Center