Four Work Models of Political Trolling in the Philippines | StratCom

Ong, Jonathan Corpus; Cabañes, Jason Vincent A.

The Philippines represents a national
context where disinformation is becoming
ever more entrenched into the political
system, in spite of global attention and
investment in the fight against fake news.
Three years ago, a toxic election campaign
headlined by misogynistic rape jokes,
false papal endorsements, and imposter
news websites ended with a surprise
outcome that upended the entire political
establishment. In the May 2019 midterm
election, new interventions such as platform
bans, fact-check partnerships, and digital
advertising rules were introduced to curb
the spread of similar tactics.
Recent research discovered, however, that
the digital disinformation industry has only
further expanded and flourished, with digital
operators controlling a more substantial
chunk of the political campaign war chest.