Job Opportunity: Research Data Scientist | New York University

By New York University
October 13, 2021


We are seeking a Researcher – Research Scientist to provide leadership and project management on our new, multilingual research infrastructure to monitor how the spread of disinformation across social media platforms will impact the upcoming U.S. elections. Through innovative data collection techniques that pair comprehensive, multi-platform digital trace data with national surveys in both English and Spanish, the project will provide a systematic view into the information Americans consume — both offline and on — and how their beliefs and behaviors change over time.

With this information, CSMaP scholars will produce peer-reviewed research and quantitative descriptive reports examining several key questions, including which U.S. communities are targeted most by disinformation and on what platforms, how these dynamics are shifting as the online ecosystem changes, and what impact disinformation has on voters’ beliefs and behaviors. Beyond disinformation and elections, our flexible research design will also enable us to measure the impact of media diets on a variety of issue and policy areas, from Covid-19 to social justice.


Source: Research Data Scientist | New York University

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