How to disrupt America’s history of rebranding misinformation as ‘science’ | CNN

By Nicole Hemmer
September 28, 2021

This fall was supposed to be different. With the new Covid-19 vaccines, the country began to reopen during the summer and vaccine approval for teens (with the hopeful prospect of approval for younger children) promised a return to schools and a return to the pre-pandemic rhythms of life.

But then came the Delta variant, and the vaccine resisters, and the state efforts to ban mask and vaccine mandates — and suddenly what once felt like the beginning of the end revealed itself to be a momentary pause.
The near-total breakdown of hope for a return to normal has also highlighted and fueled a wave of misinformation about the pandemic and the vaccines designed to end it.

Source: Opinion: Today’s terrifying Covid misinformation has a complicated past | CNN

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