Misogynist Incels and Male Supremacism | New America

By Megan Kelly, Alex DiBranco, and Julia R. DeCook
February 18, 2021
In this policy brief, we explore the history of incel identity and the development of a new misogynist ideology since 2014. We explain core concepts related to dehumanization and entitlement, significant frameworks such as the “red pill” and “black pill,” and violence as central to the movement ideology. We focus on conveying information most relevant to understanding and addressing potential violence by misogynist incel perpetrators. We provide short overviews of issues such as race in incel communities, identifying a range of concerns for policymakers and further research on how incels and misogyny fit into effective responses to violent extremism.

Source: Misogynist Incels and Male Supremacism

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