CFP Opportunity: In Search of the Alternative Future Workshop | CHI21 Digital Citizenship

By CHI21 Digital Citizenship
February 9, 2021

The workshop is based on a notion that democratic digital societies require a new form of citizenship, namely digital citizenship. We aim to expand the conventional notions of the term, often linked with proper and respectful behavior in digital environments as well as having an active role in those environments. Considering our contemporary, highly digitalized lives, we argue that digital citizenship should be understood as entailing many other aspects too, such as enhancing everybody’s capability to understand the profound consequences of digitalization of societies. We begin with the definition given by Hintz et al. (2017) “An ideal configuration of digital citizenship would therefore be based on the possibility of comprehensive self-determination in a datafied environment, provided by secure infrastructure, an enabling regulatory environment, adequate public knowledge, and an informed use of the relevant platforms and applications.”


Source: CFP Opportunity: In Search of the Alternative Future Workshop | Digital Citizenship

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