Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Associate | MIT

POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE, Political Science, to join Adam Berinsky (Political Science) and David Rand (Sloan School of Management, Brain & Cognitive Sciences) in working on an NSF-Funded project (Integrating Political Science and Cognitive Science to Meet the Challenge of Promoting Accurate Information on Social Media) that seeks to integrate political science and cognitive science to understand what influences the formation and revision of false beliefs and how to foster the spread of accurate information. Will design and run research studies, analyze data, prepare publications, and be a core member of the collective intellectual community spanning Political Science and the Sloan School. There is particular interest in candidates who are interested in exploring why people believe and share mis/disinformation, including “fake news”, misleading hyper-partisan content, health misinformation, and conspiracy theories; and in developing interventions to combat belief in, and spreading of, such content.


Source: Postdoctoral Associate – Cambridge MA 02139