How climate change misinformation spreads online | Carbon Brief

By Kathie Treen, Dr Hywel Williams, & Dr Saffron O’Neill
June 26, 2020

The rapid rise of social media over the past two decades has brought with it a surge in misinformation.

Online debates on topics such as vaccinations, presidential elections (pdf) and the coronavirus pandemic are often as vociferous as they are laced with misleading information.

Perhaps more than any other topic, climate change has been subject to the organised spread of spurious information. This circulates online and frequently ends up being discussed in established media or by people in the public eye.

But what is climate change misinformation? Who is involved? How does it spread and why does it matter?

In a new paper, published in WIREs Climate Change, we explore the actors behind online misinformation and why social networks are such fertile ground for misinformation to spread.


Source: Guest post: How climate change misinformation spreads online

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