Job Opening | Race and Digital Media: U-M LSA Communication and Media

October 10, 2019

The University of Michigan’s Department of Communication and Media and the Digital Studies Institute seek qualified applicants for a 50/50% jointly appointed tenure-track assistant professor with research and teaching interests in Race and Digital Media.

We welcome critical and cultural media studies scholars from any discipline whose work explores race and intersectionalities of race and processes of identity formation (e.g., ability, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality) in the arena of digital media and communication technology. Applicants’ research and teaching interests should center on new information technologies–social media, VR/AR, gaming, AI, sensing, data science, etc.–and their role in historical or contemporary problems of social justice. We are interested in candidates whose research and teaching brings new tools, perspectives and analysis to areas such as the social impact of new technologies, the representation and (re)production of marginalized populations on digital platforms, and the design or speculative vision for alternatives. The successful candidate will have teaching interests centered on helping students understand the aesthetic practices, social and political impact, and/or cultural uses of digital technologies, which may include the opportunities and challenges digital environments pose for forms of social transformation from activism to infrastructure.


Source: Position Openings | U-M LSA Communication and Media

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