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In this study, we explore online informational warfare by the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) against Ukraine during the military conflict in Donbass. Introducing a digital dimension to the long-standing […]

The prevalence of hate speech and misinformation on the internet, heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, directly harms minority groups that are the target of vitriol, as well as our society […]

This report examines the characteristics and consequences of influence operations in the 2022 presidential election in the Philippines. The report makes three main claims. […] Source: Parallel Public Spheres: Influence […]

This report offers a preliminary landscape analysis of mis- and disinformation within and about Asian/Asian American diasporic communities with the aim of strengthening Asian American movement building. Researching and organizing […]

After three successful editions, the Multidisciplinary International Symposium on Disinformation in Open Online Media (MISDOOM) returns for a 4th edition, this time hosted as a fully virtual conference by Boise State University […]

The euphoria that has accompanied the birth and expansion of the internet as a “liberation technology” is increasingly eclipsed by an explosion of vitrioli…

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Sexual violence reporting is a site where issues of visibility, publicity, privacy, algorithms, and intelligibility all converge, and where the language of digital “space” is married to metaphors of “going […]

What does it mean for a website to “encourage” abortion? New anti-abortion model legislation released last week by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) would force anyone who publishes […]

Mickelwait pulled out her laptop, created a dummy e-mail account, and uploaded a video of a darkened corner of her bedroom to Pornhub. It appeared to go live almost instantly. […]

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