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Internationally, scholars have raised substantial concerns regarding unfavorable news coverage of female political candidates and representatives. However, prior research has scarcely considered the intersectional effects of political actors’ race and gender in this context. I investigate these dynamics through a case study of the U.K. 2010 general election, a breakthrough year for black, Asian, and […]

Online platforms providing information and media content follow certain goals and optimize for certain metrics when deploying automated decision making systems to recommend pieces of content from the vast amount of media items uploaded to or indexed by their platforms every day. These optimization metrics differ markedly from, for example, the so-called news factors journalists […]

The U.S. health care system uses commercial algorithms to guide health decisions. Obermeyer et al. find evidence of racial bias in one widely used algorithm, such that Black patients assigned the same level of risk by the algorithm are sicker than White patients (see the Perspective by Benjamin). The authors estimated that this racial bias […]

This paper attempts to understand the perspectives of the seniors (aged 65 years and above) on misinformation in the Indian context. Interviews with 33 seniors who use social media regularly revealed three themes. The seniors viewed and rationalized sharing news irrespective of its veracity as a process of building sociality. Sharing information was also based […]

Hate speech is considered to be one of the major issues currently plaguing the online social media. With online hate speech culminating in gruesome scenarios like the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar, anti-Muslim mob violence in Sri Lanka, and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, there is a dire need to understand the dynamics of user interaction that […]

Forgeries, interference, and attacks on Kremlin critics across six years and 300 sites and platforms. Secondary Infektion is a series of operations run by a large-scale, persistent threat actor from Russia that worked in parallel to the Internet Research Agency and the GRU but was systematically different in its approach. The campaign used fake accounts […]

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While the impact of targeted advertising on advertisers’ campaign effectiveness has been vastly documented, much less is known about the value generated by online tracking and targeting technologies for publishers – the websites that sell ad spaces. In fact, the conventional wisdom that publishers benefit too from behaviorally targeted advertising has rarely been scrutinized in […]

In addition to using new modes of communication made possible by the internet, extreme political groups are also adopting innovative styles common to internet culture. Internet memes are texts that are easily shared—funny and laced with dense symbolism. However, what we are currently used to thinking of as internet memes are a partial departure from […]

Radical right organisations like many other extremist communities have an increasingly prominent and active online presence, to the extent that some communities may have a more active online presence than offline (Bartlett and Littler, Inside the EDL: Populist Politics in a Digital Age. London: Demos, 2011; Morrow and Meadowcroft, Political Studies, 2018). This digital space […]

Originally coined in 2006 by prominent far right scholar, Roger Eatwell, cumulative extremism (or ‘the way in which one form of extremism can feed off and magnify other forms [of extremism]’) has become a popular term in the social scientific and policy lexicon—being discussed variously as ‘tit-for-tat radicalisation’ (Jackson, The EDL: Britain’s ‘New Far-right Social […]

Theorising Media and Conflict brings together anthropologists as well as media and communication scholars to collectively address the elusive and complex relationship between media and conflict. Through epistemological and methodological reflections and the analyses of various case studies from around the globe, this volume provides evidence for the co-constitutiveness of media and conflict and contributes […]

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