Yunkang Yang

Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University

Dr. Yunkang Yang is Assistant Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication and Journalism, Texas A&M University. He received his doctorate in communication from the Department of Communication at the University of Washington. Before joining TAMU, he was a post-doctoral research scientist at the Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics at the George Washington University.

Dr. Yang’s current research interests include propaganda, US right-wing media, and social
media. His projects include detecting coordinated sharing on Facebook, identifying image-
based misinformation on social media, and examining how online commenters interact with
media and political elites to co-produce propaganda. His book project on US right-wing
media shows how media sites such as Breitbart can function as political organizations that pursue anti-democratic goals such as overturning the 2020 election results.

In 2022, Dr. Yang provided his research on US right-wing media to the U.S. House Select
Committee on the January 6th Attack as statements of record. A frequent media commentator, Dr. Yang has been interviewed by various media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, The Hill, NPR, and AFP.

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