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Unpacking the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights | Tech Policy Press

Last week, President Joe Biden’s White House published a 73-page document produced by the Office of Science and Technology Policy titled Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: Making Automated Systems Work for the American People.

The White House says the blueprint “among the great challenges posed to democracy today is the use of technology, data, and automated systems in ways that threaten the rights of the American public.“ The Blueprint, then, is “a guide for a society that protects all people from these threats—and uses technologies in ways that reinforce our highest values.”

The five principles listed in the Blueprint are:

People should be protected from unsafe or ineffective automated systems.

They should not face discrimination enabled by algorithmic systems based on their race, color, ethnicity, or sex.

They should be protected from abusive data practices and unchecked use of surveillance technologies.

They should be notified when an AI system is in use and understand how it makes decisions affecting them.

They should be able to opt out of AI system use and, where appropriate, have access to a person, including when it comes to AI used in sensitive areas such as criminal justice, employment, education, and health.


Source: Unpacking the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights | Tech Policy Press