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The Algorithms Too Few People Are Talking About | Lawfare

The November 2023 implosion of OpenAI—the creator of the viral artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT—has intensified debates over how AI should be governed. Just weeks before Sam Altman was fired and then quickly rehired as the company’s CEO, the White House had announced new safety standards for developers of generative AI, the technology on which ChatGPT is based. Discussions about generative AI’s risks also dominated the United Kingdom’s first high-level summit on AI safety. And disagreement about what constraints should be placed on the rapidly developing technology nearly derailed the European Union’s long-awaited regulation on AI.

This preoccupation with generative AI is overshadowing other forms of algorithmic decision-making that are already deeply embedded in society and the lessons they offer on regulating emerging technology. Some of the algorithms that attract the least attention are capable of inflicting the most harm—for example, algorithms that are woven into the fabric of government services and dictate whether people can afford food, housing, and health care.


Source: The Algorithms Too Few People Are Talking About | Lawfare