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New York Times seeks to block “child privacy” law | Semafor

The New York Times Company is joining tech companies in an attempt to block a new children’s online safety law in California that the paper worries would damage its business and amount to censorship.

Last year, California passed the Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, which aims to protect the privacy of children online through a host of requirements for major tech and media companies. The law restricts companies making over $25 million a year from collecting personal information and locations of children online, and adds a layer of compliance rules.

NetChoice, a trade group representing tech companies including Amazon, TikTok, Google, and Meta, quickly sued to block the law from going into effect, saying it violated the first amendment, and would force them to broadly censor content that could be deemed harmful to minors.”


Source: New York Times seeks to block “child privacy” law | Semafor