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Disinformation is everywhere — including pregnancy apps | NPR

Like with almost every aspect of our lives, there are apps for parents-to-be to track their pregnancies and learn more about what to expect when they’re expecting. These kind of apps put information at a person’s fingertips, like how a fetus’s size compares to different fruits, daily tips to prepare for birth, personalized articles, informational videos. But as one researcher found, some are also full of dangerous and misleading information. Nina Jankowicz is a disinformation researcher. She delved into the world of pregnancy apps after learning that she was pregnant, and she joins us now to tell us more about what she found.
Hey, Nina.
NINA JANKOWICZ: Hi, Juana. Great to be with you.
SUMMERS: These pregnancy apps are just incredibly popular among expecting parents, and I have to imagine that people who download them – they are not expecting to encounter disinformation. Give us some examples of what that can look like.

Source: Disinformation is everywhere — including pregnancy apps | NPR