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Disinformation for Dummies | The Wall Street Journal

We realize public schools don’t teach the classics any more, but has no one in the Biden Administration read George Orwell? Apparently not, because that’s the only explanation for its creation of a new Disinformation Governance Board.
We have to admit that when we first read about it, we thought the news was itself disinformation from the Administration’s political enemies. Surely, no one in this age of polarization and public mistrust of institutions would think it’s wise to set up a government shop with the job of telling Americans what is true.
We were wrong. No less an authority than Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security, broke the news about the board last week in an appearance before Congress. He said the purpose of this new corner of the bureaucracy will be to warn Americans about falsehoods coming from foreign adversaries such as Russia, China and cartels that smuggle migrants into the United States.



Source: Disinformation for Dummies | The Wall Street Journal