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Call for Papers: Strengthening Democracy Challenge | Stanford University

Do you have an idea about how to improve commitment to democratic principles that you would like us to test?

Join the challenge!

American democracy is under threat. Many Americans are willing to compromise on democratic principles for partisan goals. Some are even willing to resort to violence to help their side win. Extreme dislike for the other side has grown significantly in recent decades, and may also erode commitments to democratic principles.

Anti-democratic attitudes, support for partisan violence, and extreme levels of partisan animosity have troubling consequences for democracy, and we want you to help! We invite you to submit an intervention to reduce one, two, or all three of these outcomes. If your intervention is selected, we will test how well it works in a massive, online experiment.

Submissions are being accepted until October 1, 2021. Complete details of the Strengthening Democracy Challenge can be found in our handbook. You may download a template of the submission form here.


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