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Call for Papers: Semantics for Online Misinformation Detection, Monitoring, and Prediction | SEMIFORM 2020

Ubiquitous misinformation such as unreliable and/or harmful content is actively and successfully influencing public perception and stance towards many sensitive issues and domains, including economy, health, environment, culture, and foreign policy. Today, around half the world’s population have access to the Internet, where they can create, propagate, and consume information instantly and globally. In spite of this rising addiction to rapid consumption of online information, people and current technologies are yet to adapt to the age of misinformation, where incorrect or misleading information is intentionally or unintentionally spread across social hm media, the Web and even some mainstream media. This workshop aims to gather cutting edge research, expertise, and techniques generated by the Semantic Web community, to join the growing global battle against misinformation.


Source: Call for papers | SEMIFORM 2020