Getting Started

MediaWell is organized by a system of research topics. Currently we have twelve, and you can see them all here. For content updates on each topic, follow us on Twitter @SSRC_mtp.

If you’re new to the field of disinformation studies, we recommend starting with our first live research review, Defining “Disinformation”. This gives an overview of some of the current issues. 

For a deeper dive into a particular topic, go to that research topic’s landing page. Each landing page can be accessed from the Research Topics drop-down menu, or this page here. At the Election Interference page, for example, you’ll find its live research review, associated expert reflections, and a variety of other types of content. 

Expert Reflections, Events, and our Citation Library are also directly accessible through MediaWell’s main navigation bar.

In all, MediaWell contains six kinds of content: 

  • Live Research Reviews are original articles that summarize the latest research and ongoing debates within a particular research topic. Eventually each research topic will have its own Living Research Review. 
  • Expert Reflections are essays written for MediaWell by prominent researchers. They offer high-level analysis and make recommendations for policy changes and new research directions. 
  • News content is aggregated from around the web. In addition to news articles, we aggregate reports, whitepapers and other non-scholarly content. 
  • Scholars Database entries contain information about researchers and their active projects. 
  • Events in our calendar are sortable by month, and searchable by keyword. 
  • Our Citations Library, which is hosted by a free service called Zotero, contains academic articles, reports, and some journalism articles sorted into one or more research topics. For help using Zotero, see our FAQ, or the Zotero site.