Digital Policy Rounds: Mis/disinformation and the Question of Authenticity | Centre for Media, Technology, and Democracy


While mis- and dis-information is primarily understood in terms of its facticity, or lack thereof, the very circulation of information such as news stories is tied to the cultural contexts in which people come to trust and rely on certain channels of information. Tackling misinformation, then, requires not just repudiation of its claims but an […]

Call for Proposals | TrustCon 2023

TrustCon is a global conference dedicated to the work of trust and safety professionals, convening trust and safety experts from tech, civil society, academia, and government with the goal of knowledge building and networking. TrustCon 2023 will feature a range of programming that is engaging, actionable, and timely, facilitating interactive learning experiences for all attendees. Attendees […]

The Impact We Generate Discussion Series | AI, Media & Democracy

AI, Media & Democracy Lab

March 21, April 18 and May 30 2023 at 16:00 In recent months, increased media attention has been given to AI-driven applications like Stable Diffusion, Dall-E, GPT-3, ChatGPT and Bard. These programmes are commonly referred to as Generative AI: technologies that learn from existing data in order to produce new content, including audio, (realistic) images […]

“Weaponizing Misogyny”: Gender-Based Harassment’s Impact on Journalists and Free Expression | Berkman Klein Center

Whether they are reporting on gun violence, covering protests in the post-Dobbs era, or sharing information about COVID with the public, journalists are on the frontlines, bringing important issues to light. But the risks of that reporting don’t lie equally with everyone. White women journalists face much more significant harassment than their white male counterparts, […]

Beyond the FTC: The Future of Privacy Enforcement

Harvard Law School and livestream via Zoom

In “Beyond the FTC: The Future of Privacy Enforcement,” law and computer science scholars from across the country will identify and propose solutions to barriers that inhibit enforcement of privacy rights. Featuring keynotes from Electronic Frontier Foundation Executive Director Cindy Cohn and FTC Director Samuel Levine. The symposium is a collaboration between UIowa’s Innovation, Business and Law […]


GW IDDP: Research Spotlight Webinar Featuring Jeffrey Lees

In his project “Real Time Monitoring of 2022 US Election-Related Misinformation and its Psycho-Social Correlates on Twitter” Jeffrey Lees seeks to answer the question what is the role of superusers? We seek to understand whether superusers are early commenters, whether superusers change the discussion agenda, and whether superusers instigate additional public interest from others.

Rest of World Labor x Tech Reporting Fellowship | Rest of World

Rest of World is excited to announce a new opportunity for reporters native to regions outside the West who want to produce a deeply reported body of work on how tech impacts labor and workers around the world. We are looking for four reporting fellows to join us for a full year and produce a […]

Steering AI for the Public Good: A Dialogue for the Future | Institute for Advanced Study

Princeton University Princeton, NJ, United States

Recent, rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI) research and deployment have demonstrated technology’s potential to drastically transform and potentially improve the lives of many people across the world. From unlocking millions of hours’ worth of biological research in a fraction of the time to reducing the amount of energy used by industrial power plants, the […]

The Joint Computation + Journalism European Data & Computational Journalism Conference

ETH Zurich Zurich, Switzerland

The Joint Computation+Journalism and European Data & Computational Journalism Conference aims to bring together industry, practitioners and academics in the fields of journalism and news production. It will be hosted on June 23-24 at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. This unique conference will focus on information, data, social and computer sciences, facilitating a multidisciplinary discussion on these […]

Meet the future of AI (and us!): registration for the event now open | VERification Assisted by Artificial Intelligence


Maarten Schenk is co-founder of Belgian fact-checking outlet Lead Stories. He is very active in the field of debunking. At the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, DW’s Jochen Spangenberg asked him about his views on how Artificial Intelligence will impact the production as well as spreading of disinformation, and what this means for fact-checkers like […]