Rethinking the Inevitability of AI | University of Virginia


Call for Papers: Rethinking the Inevitability of AI: The Environmental and Social Impacts of Computing in Historical Context April 22, 2024: 300-500 word paper proposals due July 18, 2024: Date of online conference In late 2023, news broke that Microsoft was looking into developing nuclear reactors to power their forays into AI. According to the […]

Good Systems Symposium HUB | UT Austin

Join Good Systems at UT Austin for its fourth annual symposium exploring the future of human-centered, values-driven artificial intelligence. Connect with an interdisciplinary and cross-sector community of faculty leaders, researchers, students, professionals, and civic leaders to discuss the most pressing opportunities and challenges in Ethical AI. The Good Systems Symposium is the signature annual event […]

Preserving Digital Images and Data: Procedural, Policy, and Privacy Issues | Good Systems


21st century media pose challenges to preserving the historical record. Collecting institutions need guidance and new strategies in order to save selective cellphone video, GPS data, and video from surveillance cameras, drones, and police bodycams. In this Talk, Howard Besser will discuss how saving this type of material poses procedural, policy, and privacy issues. And […]

Understanding Media Habits & Engaging Latino Communities – CSMaP


Latinos are the largest racial and ethnic group in the United States, comprising more than 60 million people. Yet, researchers know comparatively little about the information Latinos consume online, and how it shapes their political attitudes and beliefs. This limits the ability for multiple stakeholders — ranging from the academic community to national nonprofits to […]

Disinfo Day

University of Texas at Austin , United States

Hosted by The University of Texas at Austin’s Good Systems’ “Designing Responsible AI Technologies to Protect Information Integrity” research team, this virtual event brings together researchers and thought leaders working across disciplines and sectors, focusing on developing AI tools for use by journalists, fact-checkers, and researchers. The event will feature three keynote talks and a panel […]

2nd Annual Smart Cities and Generative AI Symposium | Good Systems

University of Texas at Austin , United States

The Smart Cities and Generative AI Symposium is a day-long gathering of interdisciplinary professionals across academia and industry to inform, examine, and discuss how generative artificial intelligence impacts our cities. Happening in the Avaya Auditorium on the University of Texas at Austin main campus, this robust program will feature presenters from multiple universities across Texas […]

What is the Cloud Doing to the Internet? | WZB

WZB Berlin Social Science Center Reichpietschufer 50, 10785, Berlin, Raum, Germany

The future of the Internet is (in) the cloud. Companies like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS), rather than platforms like X or Meta, will become the tech industry’s most powerful players. To the extent this is not already the case, the choices of these cloud companies will influence what our wired world looks like, […]

Internet & Society: The Trans-Atlantic Research Future | Internet Democracy Initiative

Northeastern University London

In May 2024, the Internet Democracy Initiative will host an Internet and Society Conference at the Northeastern University-London campus. Like the IDI, the conference will focus on the role of the internet in structuring democracy, society, and markets with emphasis on areas that have widespread information and social media implications. Conference sessions will feature academic, […]

The Material Conditions of Platform Governance | Lab Platform Governance, Media and Technology (PGMT)


In this talk, we present a methodological outlook for empirical and historical studies of platforms, emphasizing their unique characteristics like programmability and multisidedness. We explore how web archives play a critical role in preserving bits of their past. Despite the challenges posed by the ephemerality and continuous updates of platforms, we show how web archives […]

Big Tech Feminism | WZB

WZB Berlin Social Science Center Reichpietschufer 50, 10785, Berlin, Raum, Germany

Strange as it may seem, Big Tech has become feminist. Meta has a team devoted to women’s safety. Venmo monitors its app for gender-based discrimination. Bumble aspires to make misogyny illegal. And it’s not just talk: Big Tech is putting its money where its mouth is, devoting significant time and resources to achieving a feminist […]