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Big, If True Webinar: Amplified Hate and its Effects | Shorenstein Center

February 3 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join Joan Donovan, PhD for a Big, If True Webinar on community understandings of networked hate groups and conspiracies with guests Brandi Collins-Dexter, Molly Conger, Emily Gorcenski, Kathleen Belew, PhD, and Whitney Phillips, PhD.

Our panelists will discuss: how can journalists contextualize hate movements for a broader public without amplifying their agendas? How can civil society organizations collaborate with journalists to source better stories? And in what ways can researchers build capacity across sectors so that civil society organizations and journalists understand the role of technology in the rise of hate movements? In the battle to combat misinformation, researchers have offered clear advice for how journalists should cover and debunk it, but we have very provided little guidance for how civil society should counter media manipulation and disinformation campaigns. The lack of attention to civil society responses is a major gap in the research and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the guidance for journalists does not translate easily to civil society.