The Two Americas: Our Current Political Deadlock and How to Break It

Greenberg, Stanley B.

1st ed. “The 2000 presidential left the world standing still, but it was no fluke. America is divided right down the middle – the product of a half-century, unique in our country’s history, of inconclusive, increasingly heated partisan battle. Tantalizingly close to victory, each party inflames and mobilizes its most loyal supporters and battles to gain even a small edge with some contested groups. Politics has become culture war – a fight about values, faith, the family, how people should live their lives. The result: partisans are more partisan, politics more polarized, America more divided. This book tells the history of each party’s failed efforts to dominate the era’s politics and ideas, radically changing the political landscape and provides an in-depth guide to the new groups at the center of our politics”–Publisher’s description. The Politics of Parity — Toward Hegemony — Half Century Untamed: 1952-2002 — The Opportunity Democrats: Redefined by Race — The Reagan Revolutionaries: Reduced to Culture War — The Reformed Opportunity Democrats: The Lost Middle — The Loyalists — The World of Republican Partisans — The World of Democratic Partisans — Contested America — Three Contested Communities — The Contested Political World — Breaking the Deadlock: The Republicans — Step One: Winning in Our America — Step Two: Reagan’s America — Breaking the Deadlock: The Democrats — The “Election Project” — Toward a Bold Politics: The JFK Democrats.