Mind Farce: An Investigation into an Inauthentic Facebook and Instagram Network Linked to an Israeli Public Relations Firm

DiResta, Renee; Grossman, Shelby; Thiel, David; Giles, Christopher
Stanford Digital Repository

On August 4, 2022, Meta announced the removal of a network of Facebook and Instagram accounts that posted about Palestinian, Angolan, and Nigerian politics. This report groups findings by these three topical clusters, but we note that Meta found links between the entire network and one entity: Mind Force, an Israeli public relations firm, and there is no evidence that these were distinct operational clusters. The network included 42 Pages, nine groups, 259 profiles, and 107 Instagram accounts. Meta suspended the network not due to the content of the posts, but rather for coordinated inauthentic behavior. Meta shared a portion of this network’s activity with the Stanford Internet Observatory on June 13, 2022.