Mediated Misogynoir: Intersecting Race and Gender in Online Harassment

Madden, Stephanie; Janoske, Melissa; Briones Winkler, Rowena; Edgar, Amanda Nell

Madden, Janoske, Winkler, and Edgar offer an exploration of the concept of mediated misogynoir, or anti-Black misogyny. Focusing on the online harassment of Black actress and comedian Leslie Jones, the chapter explores how online harassment faced by Black women is recognized and processed by online blog-based communities through a qualitative content analysis of the comment sections on eight U.S. blogs and media outlets. Commenting on the blog posts was a way for people to present themselves as different from racist and/or misogynistic commenters. Furthermore, many shared personal experiences of online abuse highlight the extent of the problem. Personal narratives can help humanize the impacts of online harassment, elucidating how these intersections are recognized and processed to improve online communities for everyone.