“Gettr-ing” Deep Insights from the Social Network Gettr

Sharevski, Filipo; Jachim, Peter; Pieroni, Emma; Devine, Amy

As yet another alternative social network, Gettr positions itself as the “marketplace of ideas” where users should expect the truth to emerge without any administrative censorship. We looked deep inside the platform by analyzing it’s structure, a sample of 6.8 million posts, and the responses from a sample of 124 Gettr users we interviewed to see if this actually is the case. Administratively, Gettr makes a deliberate attempt to stifle any external evaluation of the platform as collecting data is marred with unpredictable and abrupt changes in their API. Content-wise, Gettr notably hosts pro-Trump content mixed with conspiracy theories and attacks on the perceived “left.” It’s social network structure is asymmetric and centered around prominent right-thought leaders, which is characteristic for all alt-platforms. While right-leaning users joined Gettr as a result of a perceived freedom of speech infringement by the mainstream platforms, left-leaning users followed them in numbers as to “keep up with the misinformation.” We contextualize these findings by looking into the Gettr’s user interface design to provide a comprehensive insight into the incentive structure for joining and competing for the truth on Gettr.