Social Media COVID-19 Misinformation Interventions Viewed Positively, But Have Limited Impact

Geeng, Christine; Francisco, Tiona; West, Jevin; Roesner, Franziska
arXiv:2012.11055 [cs]

Amidst COVID-19 misinformation spreading, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter rolled out design interventions, including banners linking to authoritative resources and more specific "false information" labels. In late March 2020, shortly after these interventions began to appear, we conducted an exploratory mixed-methods survey (N = 311) to learn: what are social media users' attitudes towards these interventions, and to what extent do they self-report effectiveness? We found that most participants indicated a positive attitude towards interventions, particularly post-specific labels for misinformation. Still, the majority of participants discovered or corrected misinformation through other means, most commonly web searches, suggesting room for platforms to do more to stem the spread of COVID-19 misinformation.