Life Behind Russia’s Veil of Misinformation | The New Republic

By Alyona Minkovski
April 28, 2022

How can the Russian people possibly support the invasion of Ukraine? The longer this war continues and stories of civilian executions, rapes, and other alleged horrors, swim across our screens, the more that question lingers. It’s one that I’ve been asked to answer routinely, tasked with being a cultural interpreter—someone who can explain the alternate universe of lies and obfuscations that dominates Russian media to cable news audiences here in the United States. I’m tapped for these insights as a Russian-American journalist but also as the daughter of an elected official in Russia’s parliament, and as a former employee of the Kremlin-funded propaganda network, RT America. Having walked on both sides of Russia’s disinformation veil, I can understand how it got to this point. As an outside observer looking in on the current informational abyss the Russian people find themselves in, I’m just as lost as anyone in identifying a way to pull them out.


Source: Life Behind Russia’s Veil of Misinformation | The New Republic

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