Fellowship Opportunity: Pulitzer Center Launches AI Accountability Network | Pulitzer Center

By Pulitzer Center
March 7, 2022

The Pulitzer Center, a nonprofit organization that supports independent, global journalism, is now accepting applications for its new Artificial Intelligence Accountability Network.

Governments and corporations increasingly use AI and predictive technologies to make life-changing decisions in policing, criminal justice, consumer rights, hiring, and more. At the same time, AI tools such as machine learning can help journalists analyze massive datasets to unearth untold stories.

The Pulitzer Center’s AI Accountability Network seeks to expand the field of algorithmic accountability reporting by supporting journalists to report on AI and with AI. The Network aims to support critical, in-depth reporting and nurture a global network of journalists who share and learn together about this urgent, underreported issue.

“This is not just a technology story but an equity and accountability one, too,” said Marina Walker Guevara, the Pulitzer Center’s executive editor. “We are thrilled to help improve and expand this emerging field, especially at the local level.”


Source: Pulitzer Center Launches AI Accountability Network | Pulitzer Center

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