A commune of vaccine skeptics in Tanzania | Coda Story

By Isobel Cockerell
January 14, 2022

In a 5,000-strong Telegram group called Awakened Travel, the international unvaccinated discuss how they can roam the world while dodging jab requirements. All manner of resources are available, such as bogus green passes, and tipsheets on which countries have the most relaxed restrictions.

A favorite destination is Tanzania. In one sub-group, Liberty Places, I’ve been watching members hatch a plan to “start civilization again” and set up a permanent commune for conspiracy theorists on the island of Zanzibar.

The group’s members share architectural sketches of a giant condo they hope to build. “I won’t bring up my daughter in such a tyrannical country,” wrote one British woman in the group, referring to the UK. “It’s hard to know if we are right to flea [sic], I’d be selling our family smallholding we’ve owned for over 20 years.” The initiative is led by ex-Pfizer executive turned anti-vaccine influencer Michael Yeadon, who falsely claims the jab could make women infertile.

Tanzania has extremely lax Covid regulations that stem from when the country was ruled by President John Magufuli, who denied the virus’s existence in the country and promoted conspiracies claiming vaccines were a Western plot.


Source: A commune of vaccine skeptics in Tanzania | Coda Story

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