Election Reviews In Pennsylvania And Wisconsin: What To Know | NPR

By Laurel White and Sam Dunklau
September 23, 2021

Republican state lawmakers continue to investigate the 2020 election nearly 11 months after voting concluded.

The probes come despite a lack of evidence of any widespread issues or fraud.

In Arizona, the end appears in sight for a widely discredited election review. The GOP-led state Senate plans to release findings from that effort Friday.

But similar reviews are only just beginning elsewhere. That includes in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — states that President Biden won last year and that have Republican-led legislatures and Democratic governors.

In Pennsylvania, an investigation led by state Senate Republicans drew a legal challenge from Democrats after a GOP-led legislative committee last week issued a wide-ranging subpoena for the personal information of millions of voters.

Wisconsin Republicans, meanwhile, are backing three separate investigations.

In both states, leaders of the reviews visited the Arizona effort, and former President Donald Trump and his allies have encouraged them to examine the election.



Source: Election Reviews In Pennsylvania And Wisconsin: What To Know | NPR

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