Disinformation exports: How foreign anti-vaccine narratives reached West African communities online | First Draft

By Carlotta Dotto and Seb Cubbon
June 23, 2021

Nearly 2.5 billion Covid-19 vaccines have been administered worldwide. Despite this progress, significant obstacles stand in the way of ensuring global access to the vaccines. Chief among these is the lack of a sufficient supply of vaccines. However even where supply can be met, vaccine hesitancy, driven in part by mis-and disinformation, represents a key obstacle to ensuring people are protected. Identifying misinformation and countering it with reliable and trustworthy information will be critical to the success of Covid-19 vaccination campaigns.

Relatively little is known about the types and extent of vaccine mis- and disinformation in many parts of the world. This is especially true in Africa, a continent that accounts for less than 2 per cent of all Covid-19 vaccines administered, and where few countries benefit from dedicated misinformation monitoring projects.



Source: Foreign anti-vaccine disinformation spreads to West Africa | First Draft

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