The Fake History of the Filibuster Won’t Die | New York Magazine

Advocates of the Senate filibuster can be proud of one thing. They have successfully carried out an extraordinarily effective propaganda campaign. They have convinced much of the country — and, more importantly, many members of the Senate itself — to believe in a completely made-up version of American history.

The imaginary history has been repeated so often that people “know” it to be true and can rattle off its fictional elements when pressed to supply a reason why they support an institution that no overseas democracy, and none of the 50 state governments, have copied. Here is Senator Kyrsten Sinema, speaking to reporters Wednesday, repeating a version of this fake history:

“The filibuster was not created to accomplish one thing or another. It was created to bring together members of different parties to find compromise and coalition.”


Source: The Fake History of the Filibuster Won’t Die

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