Online Hate Becomes Real-World Violence In Israel–Palestine | BuzzFeed

As an uneasy ceasefire takes hold in Israel–Palestine, digital terror is not slowing down. Online hate, harassment, and coordination of physical violence have sprouted across social media channels. One Israeli group that combats disinformation and hate cannot work fast enough.

From its offices in Israel, FakeReporter has been sending reports of online threats to Israeli authorities, hoping to prevent them from becoming a reality. The watchdog group of about 10 researchers, activists, and online investigators who are largely volunteers dig into false information and fake accounts online. They had previously focused on state-sponsored disinformation and were caught off guard by the growth of digital hate within Israel.

“We’re a disinformation watchdog group so in a way, we weren’t ready for this situation,” Executive Director Achiya Schatz told BuzzFeed News.


Source: Online Hate Becomes Real-World Violence In Israel–Palestine

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