Workshop Opportunity: Beyond Misinformation: Towards a Research Agenda for Information Ecosystems, Network Dynamics and Emergent Epistemologies| C4 lab

This workshop starts from the premise that the problem of online misinformation is a symptom, not a cause. While undeniably problematic, misinformation is the current cause célèbre of a larger class of pathological dynamics that have emerged in our evolving digital media ecosystems and cause harm at different systemic levels. These dynamics are exacerbated by many aspects of our evolving digital infrastructure, including the affordances of different media platforms, algorithmic filters, the loss of trusted gatekeepers, the attention economy, and ever evolving modes of journalism. Additionally, cognitive factors as well as offline social structures, including systems of oppression, play an enormous role in shaping the consensual realities that emerge in digital spaces.

This is a wicked problem, and while many dimensions of the problem have been examined, a more complete articulation requires the synthesis of insights from scholars across many disciplines. Our hope is that this workshop will provide a vehicle for this process and pave the way to a research agenda that leads to solutions.

To participate, please submit an abstract to the conference page (details below).


Source: Workshop announced | C4 lab

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