How To Combat The Growing ‘Synthetic Content’ In Disinformation Campaigns | Forbes

The FBI uses the term “synthetic content” to describe the end result of the digital manipulation of text files, images, audio recordings and videos utilizing new technology like artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML). Synthetic content includes what is commonly referred to as “deepfake” videos that appear to show individuals making statements they did not actually make.

In March 2021, the FBI released a document stating that actors outside of the U.S. are currently incorporating this manipulated digital content into disinformation campaigns and have been doing so for several years. As the leader of a consulting firm, alongside my wife, that focuses on crisis management, countering violent extremism and eliminating adversary propaganda and disinformation, let me highlight some of the important information within this FBI document and offer some ways businesses can avoid these attacks.



Source: How To Combat The Growing ‘Synthetic Content’ In Disinformation Campaigns

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