Biden revokes Trump’s social media executive order | Protocol

By Issie Lapowsky
May 14, 2021
President Biden revoked the Trump-era executive order on “preventing online censorship,” which a source told Protocol last summer had been issued in response to Twitter’s decision to apply fact-checking label to several of former President Trump’s tweets.

The order asked the FCC to conduct a review of Section 230, but former FCC chair Ajit Pai told Protocol toward the end of his tenure that he would not be pursuing rule-making on Section 230. It also asked the FTC to review reports of anti-conservative bias collected by the White House, a review that seemed highly unlikely under current FTC leadership.

“They picked this [order] off the shelf and essentially rammed it through,” a former White House official said at the time.

Since the executive order was issued, Twitter has permanently banned Trump from the platform, while Facebook and YouTube have given the former president an indefinite suspension.


Source: Biden revokes Trump’s social media executive order – Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

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