Journal of Quantitative Description: Digital Media | University of Zurich

By Andy Guess, Eszter Hargittai & Kevin Munger
November 16, 2020

JQD:DM is an open access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal hosted on the University of Zurich’s HOPE platform. All articles will be freely available online immediately upon publication and we plan no submission or publication fees for at least the first two years, but hopefully longer.

The journal publishes quantitative descriptive social science. It does not publish research that makes causal claims.

The production of descriptive knowledge is currently undersupplied in quantitative social science. As John Gerring documents in the case of political science in his 2012 article “Mere Description”, scholarship in the postwar era has seen a steady trend from description to causality. We applaud developments in method that discredit spurious causal research; this has led to a much-needed advance in rigor for claims of causation. As this shift illustrates, social science has a momentum that takes years to redirect, and graduate training, journal space, prestige, and grant funding have all been shifting away from quantitative description. Our hope is that this journal is the beginning of another course correction.

Coming in 2021!


Source: JQD:DM

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