Disinformation is the biggest threat to the 2020 election | Fast Company

By Gregory J. Touhill
October 9, 2020

A recent election security survey from nonpartisan technology association ISACA shows that misinformation (bad information unwittingly shared) and disinformation (bad information shared deliberately) are considered the top threat to election security, exceeding concerns about technical security that also have become widespread this cycle. Attacks leveraging disinformation/misinformation are inexpensive to create and launch; all you need is a laptop and a means to amplify your message, such as through social media. As a result, U.S. voters are being bombarded by these schemes from multiple foreign adversaries, and the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently warned such attacks will also seek to muddy the results in the aftermath of the election. It is apparent that continuing the vital American tradition of free and fair elections will only be possible if the government, citizens, and tech platforms such as social media companies take more concerted measures to combat these efforts to manipulate the electorate.


Source: Disinformation is the biggest threat to the 2020 election

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