Call for Participants: Against Platform Determinism | Data & Society

By Robyn Caplan, Meredith D. Clark & William Partin
September 15, 2020

On Thursday, January 14, 2021, Data & Society Researcher Robyn Caplan, Faculty Fellow Meredith D. Clark, and Research Analyst William Partin will host an online academic workshop on how platform governance is mediated and shaped through interactions and entanglements with users, industries, and infrastructures.

Data & Society workshops enable deep dives with a broad community of interdisciplinary researchers into topics at the core of Data & Society’s concerns. They’re designed to maximize scholarly thinking about the evolving and socially important issues surrounding data-driven technologies.

We invite researchers making theoretical and methodological contributions, as well as those doing empirical research, to apply. We’re especially interested in bringing together emerging and established scholars in legal, organizational, activist, policy, media, and platform domains.

Participation in this event is limited; submit your application by October 21st.


Source: Data & Society — Call for Participants: Against Platform Determinism

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