Epoch Times Pushing Coronavirus Disinformation in YouTube Ads | Daily Dot

By Claire Goforth
May 20, 2020

If you’ve been on YouTube recently, you’ve probably seen advertisements for the Epoch Times.

On the surface, the ads aren’t particularly remarkable. In them, fresh-faced young professionals speak in dull, robotic monotones, often in an imaginary American home that’s bright, spic-and-span, and devoid of character. Most viewers just tune it out until they can skip it.

Spend any amount of time on YouTube and Epoch Times ads will leach into your brain like an earworm. You may find yourself cringing when the 30ish everyman who stars in many snaps his fingers and says yet again, “And take a look at this.”

The “this” he speaks of is almost invariably anti-China. In fact, most of the ads are about China, specifically the Chinese Communist Party, which may seem odd for a publication that describes itself as “pure American journalism that’s based in traditional values.”

Source: Epoch Times Pushing Coronavirus Disinformation in YouTube Ads

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