Since Jan. 24, coordinated by the International Fact-Checking Network, more than 100 fact-checkers from 74 countries have been working together in the largest collaborative fact-checking effort ever launched: the CoronaVirusFacts / DatosCoronaVirus Alliance.

On March 19, the alliance published its database of fact-checked content, which identified more than 800 falsehoods about the spreading pandemic. Today, the CoronaVirusFacts database offers more than 5,000 fact checks that have been published by 88 organizations in 44 different languages. It is the most comprehensive and active database about COVID-19 mis/disinformation.

The next step for the CoronaVirusFacts Alliance is to more fully tap the expertise and work of academics and researchers. Fact-checkers understand that the alliance’s database gathers many in-depth stories and can offer a better understanding of the “infodemic.” By working together, fact-checkers and academic researchers will expand the knowledge base about COVID-19 and further elevate the fight against health mis/disinformation. A limited, searchable version of the database is available on this page. Access to the full dataset will be provided only to vetted researchers to prevent monetization and exploitation of the dataset created by the fact-checkers.